VLUEO Review 2019 | Find where to place YouTube Video Ads, Overlay Ads + Creators

By | November 29, 2019

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Vlueo is a new app that helps you laser target videos that are in your niche, you can place your video or text overlay ads on those videos and get the best cost per click value ratio.

Vlueo will:
Laser target your ads to the best consumer
Give you the best ROI
Get traffic to your video/site faster
Ultimately, save you money.

You can also find a creator in your niche to collaborate on a promotion with by setting filters such as subscribers, views, uploaded videos and so on. You will be given contact details to get in touch – without having to scour around youtube finding details.

Vlueo saves you a massive amount of time having to find appropriate videos in your niche, finding monetised videos, finding videos that are well-liked, have plenty of views and have a good interactive audience. Forget the spreadsheet and days wasted, this takes minutes.

Find the best videos in your niche to place your video or overlay ad – Vlueo even has a Google ad builder for overlay text ads.

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